GlassCheck Results: Frameless Façade
GlassCheck Results: Frameless Shower
GlassCheck Results: Frameless Balustrade

GlassCheck is our free design checking service exclusive to Architects and Designers, if you are documenting frameless glass on a current project, simply send your drawings using the form below to win!

The drawings are checked by both our design team and our engineering team as required, with a combined 100 years of experience in glass.
We advise on design layout, hardware requirements and locations as well as recommending glass type and thickness. We will check off the drawings to see if there are changes that can make the design stronger, cheaper or more aesthetically pleasing.

GlassCheck is a mutually beneficial service:
The benefit for you the designer is having an expert team offer you our professional opinion, and for us we will present to you our suitable products in the form of a specification guide.

Specification guide example
Example of a Specification Guide.

 Type of Frameless Glass eligible for GlassCheck are:

  • Frameless Showers
  • Frameless Balustrades
  • Awning/Canopy
  • Frameless Glass Facades
  • Pivot Doors
  • Sliding Doors (manual operation only)
  • Frameless Pool Fences
  • Toughened Laminated Glass

Glass Check Form

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