How to Specify

Before specifying FGS products on your project we always recommend to contact our Architectural Specialist and using our Free GlassCheck service. This ensures that the most suitable products for the application are used, preventing any nasty surprises at construction phase.

To specify FGS products, it is important to know how the item coding works, below are some examples of different products and what the item code means.

FGS item codes explained

Minimum Performance Requirements

As a designer, there is nothing more frustrating that going to the effort of finding a product that is good quality and fits the project perfectly, only to have it substituted by contractor looking to save costs. Whilst some projects will allow you to specify an item without variation, it’s imported that if a product is substituted the contractor does not sacrifice quality.

Our Architectural Specialist can help by giving you a specification guide to your project, inclusive of minimum performance requirements, contact the National Architectural Manager by filling out the form on the Architects Page.