Titan / Gemini Splay Test and Ease of Use

A major bugbear of installing miniposts has always been miniposts splaying when tightened up on the glass. Not only does this look ugly but it is a trap for spiders webs and debris. This often leaves the end user with unattractive miniposts, which can lead to complaints.

When we designed the Titan and Gemini, strength and reducing deflection were front of mind. We have already shown the significant testing we put our and our competitors miniposts through. We showed how the FGS Titan and Gemini were far superior to all of the competition.

We decided to put a piece of glass into a Titan and into our competitors minposts. We used a torque wrench to ensure each one was tightened up the same, making sure that we didn’t over tighten any minipost. The attached video shows how easy glass fits into the Titan, due to the fantastically designed gasket. The video also shows how difficult it is to install glass into some miniposts. Our test only used a small piece of glass, this would be multiplied with a full size panel.

We then showed the amount of splay on each minipost, after being tightened with the torque wrench. The result of the Titan minipost was outstanding, far surpassing our expectations. The splaying was minimal, almost non existent. However, our competitions miniposts didn’t fare as well. In some cases the results were embarrassing, with huge amounts of splay, leaving these miniposts looking very ugly.

If you were the end user and had the choice, you would only choose the FGS Titan and Gemini range, everytime. The other miniposts do not stand up to such testing conditions. This video is 4 minutes long and is well were watching.